The Senchi Ferry Community Learning Center - Book Lab

MEETING WITH LOCAL TEACHERS – Working in partnership with public school headmasters and teachers, our library staff and meets with them to discuss how best they can support learning of the school’s curriculum.
INTRA SCHOOL QUIZ COMPETITION - To encourage education and make it fun, twice a year, our library staff coordinates a quiz competition between all of the 8 local public schools.
READING COMPETITION DAY – Is when local students stand up and read to other students visiting the library.  This builds their self-confidence and inspires other students to read.  Gifts are given to the students who participate in the reading receive books, pencils, paper, etc.
OUR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS GIVE BACK - they visit our library with a goal to inspire younger students to study hard, learn, & move forward academically. Their message is “If I Can, You Can Too”.
CAREER FAIR  – Once again, our GSF University Graduates give back by participating in our annual Career Fair.  There, they discuss their university experience, how they chose their major course of study and what it is like to be an employed university student from their community.