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                                                                                  MISSION STATEMENT

The mission of the Ghana Scholarship Fund, Inc. is to educate children in poor, rural Ghana, West Africa.
SCHOLARSHIPS: Because poor uneducated parents can’t afford to pay the required tuition fees, we’ve provided scholarships to high school, university, and support a local private kindergarten, since the public school is too far for these young students to walk each day.  To date, we have given:                                                                    
                                                                144 Scholarships to Senior High School
                                                                   87 Scholarships to University
                                                                     1 Scholarship to the Ghana Police Academy (Female)
SENCHI FERRY LIBRARY - COMPUTER LAB. There we have computers loaded with academic tutorials for students of all ages and in all subjects to enhance classroom learning, electronic learning and knowledge of computers and technology.  Our tutorials do not require internet access.
SENCHI FERRY LIBRARY - BOOK LAB:  Our Senchi Ferry Library Book Lab has culturally relevant books, which better engage student reading and comprehension. We also hold classes for homework, writing, art and academically oriented games and puzzles.
PUBLIC SCHOOL SUPPORT - Our library staff visits local public schools throughout the Asuogyman District.  They bring art supplies, culturally appropriate reading books, and computers to those schools who have none. Our staff leads academic activities with direction from headmasters and support of the teachers.                                                        

100% of all donations are used to educate a child