The mission of the Ghana Scholarship Fund Inc. is to educate children in rural Ghana, West Africa whose parents can’t afford to pay the required tuition fees.  We provide scholarships to  high school and university and support a local preschool/kindergarten and a girls vocational training school.
In addition, we provide online academic tutorial learning for students of all ages in all subjects by creating computer labs and donating computers loaded with 178 gigabytes of online academic tutorials in order to enhance classroom learning and knowledge of computers and technology.
To date, we have provided: 
                        144 Scholarships to Senior High School
                          45 Scholarships to University
                              1 Scholarship to Ghana Police Academy (Female)

Early Childhood Education

High School Scholarships

University Scholarships

Vocational Training for Girls

Our Work at a Glance

Computer Labs with Online Academic Tutorials

100% of all donations are used to educate a child